4 Times Goku Got Angry

Throughout the years, Goku has mostly been a happy go lucky sort of fellow. He loves food and fighting above all else. He never has a care in the world it seems, until you mess with his friends and family, then his demeanor changes. This list highlights those moments when Goku was pushed over the edge and let his anger take hold.

4) Krillin is Killed Immediately Following the 22nd World Tournament

After Tien wins the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament by narrowly defeating Goku, Goku forgets his power pole. Krillin offers to go retrieve it for him, but as he does, Goku tells him to stop. He then lets him go, still sensing a bad feeling or premonition of something to come. Goku hasn’t learned to sense Ki at this point, but refuses to eat until his friend returns, he still senses a disturbance in the air.

He then hears in his mind Krillin who appears to be in danger call out to him. When Goku rushes back, he finds his best friend Krillin dead on the floor and becomes full of rage. I’m sure he would’ve gone SSJ if he saw Tambourine Kill Krillin right before his eyes, but it’s likely that his body wouldn’t be strong enough to handle such a transformation. He grabs the power pole from the floor by Krillin and races to get revenge despite Master Roshi’s warning not to. This is the first time we ever saw Goku get emotional and vow for revenge. But don’t worry, this is only the first time Goku will see Krillin die, the second comes later.

3) MUI Goku vs Jiren at the Tournament of Power

When Goku is fighting Jiren at the Tournament of Power and finally master’s Ultra Instinct, Jiren has a few choice words for the Saiyan. The Universe 11 Pride Trooper basically says that he knows all of what Goku believes in about trust and protecting others and that it’s all just a lie. That Jiren lives by his strength alone, and nothing else. He then shoots a powerful Ki blast at everyone in the bleachers, seriously the Gods, Angels, fighters who were eliminated, everyone. Goku gets in front of the blast and bats it away from harming anyone.

Filled with rage, Goku says “I ain’t no hero of truth or justice, or anything like that. But anyone who hurts my friends is gonna pay.” He then gets this scary look on his face and attacks Jiren with powerful blows. He does an epic Kamehameha that could have eliminated him right there, but alas did not. It only proves the point that Goku is most angry when someone directly tries to kill his friends, especially when he is in Mastered Ultra Instinct.

2) Goku vs Zamasu and Goku Black

When Goku Black explained what happened in a different timeline after making his wish to swap bodies with Goku, it was most unsettling. He said that he killed Chi-Chi and Goten while in Goku’s body. Goku who was being pinned against the wall by Zamasu and Black broke free as his anger hit the ceiling. He said what Goku likes to say when he’s angry “your gonna pay.” First he attacks Black since it was him who killed his family and only Zamasu when the immortal attacks him.

I love it when Goku used instant transmission and knocked Zamasu back with the back of his fist. He pushes Black back, but unfortunately, he would fall after Black figured out that anger fuels a Saiyan’s power. He overpowered Goku and put him down with his scythe Ki blade. This was expected as it was two on one anyway. Goku’s rage in this moment was only eclipsed by one other in Dragon Ball history.

1) Goku vs Frieza On Planet Namek

If you thought Goku was angry when Krillin died the first time in Dragon Ball, the anger he feels seeing his best friend killed before his eyes is further magnified. During the iconic battle between Goku and Frieza, Frieza survives Goku’s Spirit Bomb and Death Beam’s Piccolo. He then uses telekinesis to hurl Krillin into the sky and closes his hand into a fist, Krillin shouts “Goku” as his body explodes. Goku is so enraged, that the planet emits lightning strikes. This is before Frieza tries to blow up Planet Namek, so the bad weather that is happening is all due to Goku’s rising anger.

When Goku’s anger reaches a fever pitch, Goku’s hair turns a glowing golden and he is at last a Super Saiyan. In between his body flashing golden, he says “I’m not going to let you get away with this” in such a angered, emotional state that it’s like he’s going to explode at any second. When Goku’s eyes go white and his roar echoes across all of Namek, his golden aura, green eyes, and fierce stare shock everyone who’s a witness. Including Gohan who Goku gets angry at telling him and the others to leave now.

Frieza isn’t impressed, until he starts getting his butt handed to him by SSJ Goku. Goku would give his now infamous speech about him being the protector of the innocent and in the English dub pre-DBZ Kai “ally to good, nightmare to you.” The original Japanese version is worded different, but both meanings point to the fact that Goku has become the Super Saiyan of legend, and he will defeat all evil. This moment set the tone for the rest of Dragon Ball Z and thereafter.

There are times when we all get angry. But no times where we have become Super Saiyan’s like Goku. When a carefree person like Goku gets angry, you better believe that it’s for a good reason. So, in short, villains who mess with Gokus friends, keep doing it. Because seeing Goku get angry pushes his Saiyan power to new heights. From SSJ to Mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku is the Saiyan from Earth whose own anger as well as fierce training causes him to break through his own limits.

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