Cell Turning SSJ Explained

Cell, the android created by Dr. Gero to absorb Androids 17 & 18 and become his perfect form achieved this. Yet even without absorbing his brethren, he is a biomechanical type of android with all the cells from the greatest fighters on earth. This includes Goku, Vegeta, even Frieza and King Cold when they arrived on earth. But you all know this already from watching the series or reading the manga. What you may not realize is since Cell has DNA from many of earths martial artists along with their moves and abilities built in, he can learn to transform into anything that they can as well. In this post, I’ll be exploring the possible transformations and even one he has done even after achieving his perfect form.

In episode 150 of Dragon Ball Z called Up to Piccolo, when Cell in his imperfect state interrupts the fight between Android 17 and Piccolo, he begins powering up. While doing this, you see the empty faces and you hear the screams of all the people the bio-mechanical android had absorbed. Using their cries as fuel, he continued powering himself up until all the faces and screams disappeared. The result was a golden yellow aura that surrounded Cell. At this point, Cell had tapped into the DNA of the Saiyan’s within him and transformed into a Super Saiyan (SSJ). He may not have glowing hair, or any hair for that matter, but the golden yellow aura surrounding him is no coincidence.

Even further proof comes later in episode 189 called Cell Returns when Cell using Piccolos cells of regeneration and learning Goku’s instant transmission from watching him do it returns to face off with Gohan once again. Everyone is shocked when Cell appears and shoots a Frieza Death Beam that kills Future Trunks. But even more horrified of how his power has dramatically increased. Why? Because of the Zenkai Boost that Saiyan’s get whenever they recover from a life threating injury. As well as Cell’s intelligence to learn Gohan’s recent power up…SSJ 2. The glowing aura and flashes of energy are a dead giveaway.

Now if Cell were still alive or perhaps even…brought back using the Dragon Balls, then Cell could learn SSJ 3, SSJ God and Blue among other abilities. Abilities like Frieza’s ability to change into various forms, like his Golden form, and in less time. He could even turn into Piccolo's giant form. Their is truly nothing scarier than a giant bug bent on destruction. It took the Saiyan’s years to tap into SSJ and Frieza 4 months of training to achieve his shiny Golden form, having their DNA has shown that Cell has a built-in arsenal of powers and forms just waiting to be unleashed.

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