Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 69 Recap

From the backstory of the Cerealian planet to Beerus grooming someone to be the next God of Destruction as well as a new set of Dragon Balls are just some of the things explored in this, the latest Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 69 called the Evolution of Planet Cereal. In which, Granolah the Cerealian whose race had been wiped out by Frieza’s army 40 years ago seeks revenge. Early in the chapter, it shows the Saiyan’s who worked for Frieza at the time turned into Great Apes and laying waste to Planet Cereal. But since all the Saiyan’s except for a few and the Planet Vegeta were obliterated by this point in time, the Saiyan’s that attacked were likely to be Raditz, Napa and Vegeta. It could have happened when Napa and Vegeta while on their way to Earth, after Raditz was killed by Piccolo. The timelines of when Planet Vegeta was destroyed in DBZ which was 3 years before Raditz's arrival on Earth was later changed in Super, in the DBS: Broly movie specifically to 41 years ago from the end of the Tournament of Power going backward. At any rate, it was clearly Saiyan’s working for Frieza who caused such immeasurable damage to Planet Cereal that makes Granolah want to be the strongest so that he may one day soon kill Frieza. That's the dream anyway. On Beerus's planet, he drops a bombshell to Vegeta saying that it was he who had gave the order to vaporize Planet Vegeta. This of course is something fans have known since the Battle of God's movie, but a first for Vegeta who was irate as he went Blue Evolution and attacked Beerus. But even this limit breaking form couldn't touch the God of Destruction who was clearly provoking Vegeta to get angry. Before the bombshell was dropped, Beerus asked him how many planets did the Saiyan’s destroy.

Vegeta’s reply was many, and Friezas clan coming and taking over didn't exactly help much. He mentions his father the King saying that his quest for power led to destruction of countless worlds. So now that an enraged Vegeta knows the truth, he attacks Beerus but is put down in a few blows. The finishing blow is a more controlled Hakai that only destroys Vegeta's armor and not him. Beerus talks about destruction and that's all he thinks about, which is why his power has no limits. Through getting a crash course on learning a new technique, it seems apparent that Beerus is training Vegeta to be the next God of Destruction. And since Whis revealed in a previous chapter that he is constantly in Ultra Instinct, it is inevitable that he teaches Goku who has already trained using MUI from Meerus but can't maintain it for very long just how he can maintain the form as naturally as Whis. The later part of the chapter featured Granolah once more. This time, he was talking to an old Namekian named Monaito who tells Granolah there are a set of Dragon Balls right on Planet Cereal. The Namekian has one of them, which is much smaller than the balls on Namek, about the size of the ones on Earth. The other is somewhere else on the planet, but Monaito warns Granolah not to use the Dragon Balls for selfish desires. And that the true purpose of the Dragon Balls was to celebrate brave Namekian warriors. But you can probably guess that Granolah disregards the elders warning and goes to find the other one. Meanwhile on Namek, we learn more lore from one of the elders there. He says that their kind were originally from another universe and are spread across many planets. And wherever there are Namekian’s, there are Dragon Balls. Once Granolah learns of the balls location after hearing about a boy who found a small orange orb in a crevice, he finds it and calls upon Planet Cereals Dragon in the Namekian language. A new dragon appears, and wasting no time, Granolah wished to be the strongest fighter in the universe. Something that is apparently not beyond this dragon’s power. This begs the question of just how strong the Namekian who created this dragon really was. Either way, Granolah has made his wish before Monaito kicked the bucket. Yay!

All I can say after reading intently this latest manga chapter was wow, that's a lot of new information that my brain hasn't fully absorbed yet. And I didn't even mention the Heeters and why I think they will play a role later. From Beerus grooming Vegeta to be the next God of Destruction to a new dragon whose name we haven't learned yet and a shiny new set of just two Dragon Balls. Moving forward, I can see Frieza returning yet again, maybe he'll persuade the Heeters to join his Frieza Force. And now that Granolah is the strongest fighter in Universe 7, nothing is stopping his revenge story from coming to an end. Except for Goku and Vegeta who will no doubt learn a few tricks and delve deeper into God Ki. If the DBS: Broly movie taught us anything, it's that Vegeta is still determined to stop Frieza, and perhaps learning Beerus's signature move will allow him to do just that.

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