Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 70 Recap

Granolah has become the strongest. In Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 70 called The Universe’s Greatest Warrior, Granolah’s wish to the Cerealian dragon to be the strongest in the universe has been granted, but there’s a catch. For the dragon to fulfill the wish, Granolah would have to age to the point where he only has three years to live. This is because of the latent potential that he has, and the years that it would take to unlock it fully so that he surpasses everyone else, with the exception of the Gods as stated by the Cerealian dragon.

Meanwhile back on Beerus’s planet, Vegeta continues his training with the God of Destruction on how to use Beerus’s favorite technique. After less than a day, the Prince of Saiyan’s managed to Hakai a small pebble. Quite the feat considering that this is a technique of the Gods. But Vegeta is a quick study, much like Goku who is doing some training of his own with Whis.

What’s up with Granolah’s hair getting the SSJ 3 treatment? after he made his wish to be the strongest, Granolah’s hair grew much longer and aside from it being white definitely looked like he went SSJ 3 or the very non cannon, but still epic fan made SSJ 5 transformation. But alas, Granolah is a Cerealian, not a Saiyan. Not caring for the Rockstar locks, he cut them off. When Granolah went to pay a visit to his buddies the Heeters, he quickly took two of them down. He used a technique that many are going to say is a Hakai that destroyed a large boulder that was hurled at him. This wasn't my initial thought at first, but I think that if he somehow obtained or would eventually obtain God Ki in his lifetime, then using a godly technique such as the Hakai would make sense. Nothing so far though is confirmed that Granolah in fact could use such a technique, at least not at this time in the story.

On the last page, it teased what’s to come saying "At last, fate will bring these three together." It appears that they are referring to Goku, Vegeta and Granolah. Although I think Frieza will have to appear at some point so Granolah’s revenge can be complete. At any rate, it's going to be a collision course that I'm excited to see. Does Granolah have God Ki? Will Vegeta master the Hakai? And if Frieza ends up being killed, will the Heeters really take over his army? This and more probably won't be answered for the next several chapters, but we can still sit back and enjoy the exciting ride that's in store.

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