Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 71 Recap

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 of the manga called the Heeter’s Plan, Goku and Vegeta continue their Godly training on Beerus's planet. Goku learns from Whis that he doesn't need to transform to use Ultra Instinct. That he should work toward making it a part of his natural state. This reminds me of when Goku trained Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to stay a SSJ for a whole day. As for Vegeta’s training, he is able to Hakai a rather large tree stump at this point.

The Heeter’s Lay a Trap for Earth's Defenders:

First, after they have figured out Goku and Vegeta’s weaknesses after Maki unwillingly kisses Zuno, they head to Earth. Bulma tells Whis that some strange guests are on Earth seeking out the Saiyan’s so that they can defeat a powerful villain, so Goku and Vegeta head home. The Heeter’s tell them about Granolah and where to find him. Everyone hops in the Heeter’s ship and heads to Planet Cereal. Maki gets in touch with Granolah while Goku and Vegeta were preoccupied eating and getting some training in and tells him that two assassins of the Frieza Force are on their way to Cereal and that they are Saiyan’s. Granoloh is immediately triggered and vows for revenge against the Saiyan kind who vaporized all life on Cereal 50 years ago. It would seem that the Heeter’s plan to pit the three strongest mortals in the universe together to fight will be successful. All that will be left to get out of their way is Frieza, which it's said by the Heeter’s leader that Gas could potentially surpass Frieza.

My Thoughts on This Chapter and Moving Forward:

Goku and Vegeta have learned techniques from the Gods, so I don't see how Granolah would be much of a problem despite being the strongest mortal in the universe. Although, we have yet to see what the Cerealian can really do in a full-fledged battle. But with revenge for his extinct people fueling him, he won't be a pushover. I even believe that he may end up teaming up with the Saiyan’s later if the Heeter’s make their move with the Cerealian Dragon Balls and with Gas's potential. As for Frieza who has yet to make an appearance in this arc probably won't until after Granolah is either defeated by the Saiyan’s working together to defeat him or he decides to join them despite them being Saiyan’s. At any rate, Granolah is not a villain, he seeks vengeance yes, but does that make him a bad guy? I don't believe so. The Heeter’s are the real villains here, plotting and manipulating the situation so they can get the Dragon Balls and rule the universe. Although I suspect that a certain evil emperor will have a problem with that. Still, I believe that moving forward, differences will have to be put aside in order for the true threat to be dealt with.

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