Kid Goku vs Naruto

Kid Goku (DB) vs Naruto (first series)

Timeline: Kid Goku- Just after the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. He knows the Kamehameha. Naruto- After the Chunin exams, after he learns the Rasengan. Setting:

World Tournament ring from Dragon Ball. Moves: Kid Goku- Kamehameha, Jaken Fist, Afterimage Naruto- Shadow Clone Jutsu, Uzamaki Barrage, Rasengan. Special Power: Kid Goku- Great Ape form.

Naruto- Nine Tailed Fox. Common Threads: . Both are main characters of their respective series. . Both love to eat. How it would play out: Naruto would start by throwing kunai at Goku which Goku swats away with his power pole. Naruto charges Goku holding two more kunai. He strikes Goku, but Goku again blocks with his power pole. The two fighters stand holding their weapons, trying to force the other back with them in a show of strength. Goku wins the strength battle by pushing Naruto back. Naruto grins as he summons his shadow clones by weigh of Multi Shadow Clones Jutsu. With over a thousand clones that filled the ring, Goku was shocked on just how many there were. As all the shadow clones in the front charged, Goku used a Multiple Afterimage to confuse the clones momentarily. This distraction bought time to try and escape the clones. But only one of the afterimages was Goku and he held off on attacking for fear of being discovered. But then he thought that the real Naruto probably wouldn't be one of the ones attacking, but somewhere toward the back of the crowded ring. So, he chanced it by attacking one of the clones with some karate strikes. The clone vanished and Goku attacked a few more and won. He didn't want to use his power pole, because it would be too big and wide of an attack and Naruto would notice the real one. So Goku stuck and moved, striking, and going back in the afterimage formation. But when all the clones attacked at once, Goku had no choice but to fight using his power pole extend which he used to clear a few hundred of the clones it with a single sweep. But this gave him away, yet it too gave away Naruto who charged foolishly at Goku who jumped up as high as he could. He then gathered most of his Ki for a Kamehameha. Naruto saw what he was doing and using another clone and calling off the rest, Naruto calls on his Chakra for a Rasengan. The blasts clash, but when Goku starts to fall because he hasn't learned to fly yet, he calls on the flying nimbus to catch him. All the while maintaining the wave with great accuracy. Since the Kamehameha Wave multiplies the user’s power, Goku easily pushes the Rasengan back at Naruto. But being a ninja meant that you had a few tricks up your sleeve. The blast that should have hit Naruto instead sliced right through the piece of wood that Naruto had turned into at the last instant. It was a Substitution Jutsu, a clever move to use in a bind. Goku jumped down from the nimbus cloud as he looked around for the real Naruto. Naruto appears behind him and says "how about no tricks. Let's just fight." Goku turns around and says, "that's just what I was thinking." So, then the two fighters got into their martial arts stances, followed by Goku going on the offensive. He used some basic karate moves which Naruto blocked, until he used the Jaken Fist rock, paper, scissors and send the ninja flying with a clenched fist signifying rock. Naruto got up and charged Goku throwing two shuriken’s that Goku dodged. But Naruto had summoned two shadow clones who went and high kicked Goku which sent the young Saiyan flying upward. Naruto jumped and flipping in mid-air, he got above Goku and dropped his foot down on top of Goku’s head. "Uzamaki Barrage" he shouts. Goku went crashing down to the ground. As he lay there on his back, he noticed the bright full moon in the sky. "Well guess I win. Which means you promised to treat me to some ramen" says Naruto. He looks down at Goku who was transforming into a Great Ape. "What the heck are you?" says Naruto. Great Ape Goku sees the ninja and tries to crush him, but Naruto dodged it barely. He tries hiding behind a wall outside of the ring, but Goku barrels through and crushes Naruto, or rather one of his clones. From high atop the roof, Naruto bites his finger and does a Summoning Jutsu to summon the Chief Toad who looks a bit frightened after seeing the giant ape that stood before him. The giant toad reluctantly charged Goku with his sword of which seemed to get stuck in the great ape’s thick hair and hide. Goku then caught him in a big headlock. He was about to crush the life out of the Chief when Naruto who was sitting on the toad’s head trying to hang on blurted out an idea to him. Then, both Naruto and Chief Toad did the Transformation Jutsu at the same time and changed into the Nine Tailed Fox. Using the Nine Tails to strike and release the hold that Great Ape Goku had on them, the Nine Tails turned and swiped its sharp claws which made gashes on Goku, pushing him backwards. Enraged, Goku prepared to fire a large Ki blast from his mouth. Moving quickly, the Nine Tails dodged and fell back. When a second blast was being charged, Chief Toad and Naruto release the Transformation Jutsu. Chief Toad making a hand sign does a Water Style Jutsu that blasts water from his mouth aimed at the great ape’s blast of energy. The energy struggle lasts seconds as Goku’s Ki blast breaks through and would have hit the Chief Toad if he didn't have his impressive ability to high jump. Over one hundred feet in the air, Chief Toad and Naruto have a quick strategy meeting. Then as Great Ape Goku fires more Ki blasts, the giant toad dodged and drives his sword down. When close enough, he sliced off Goku’s tail, but not before hitting the ground hard, despite landing on his feet. Chief Toads legs were like spaghetti as he said, "you’re on your own kid." He vanished as Goku still in great ape form fell backwards, crushing Naruto as he hit the ground. Goku was finally himself again. He woke up after a few hours of sleep to see that the match was over. Naruto was crushed to death by Goku while in his great ape form. Goku doesn't remember a thing after looking at the moon and says a silent prayer for the fallen ninja from the village hidden in the leaves. Afterwards, Goku goes to a nearby restaurant with the money from Naruto's frog coin purse and eats 9 bowls of ramen in his honor.

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