The Strongest Majin Buu Form

Kid Buu is the original form of Majin Buu, and the most dangerous and unpredictable by far. Buu is an ancient, evil being that has existed since the earliest ages of time. His endless pattern of destruction followed by periods of hibernation has been happening for millions of years. When Bibidi awakened Buu, he fought the Kai's and absorbed the South Supreme Kai which increased his power. Yet when he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai, he was considerably weaker, because of Grand Supreme Kai's magic and his evil was lessened by the Kai's benevolent nature. Buuhan is the result of the evil manifestation of Majin Buu who after being revived by Bibidi’s son Babidi absorbs the Fat Buu where he became Super Buu. As well as Gotten, Trunks, Piccolo and Gohan of whom he gained the most power from. Buuhan was not only the most powerful form, but through absorbing the other fighters, he gained their techniques. Such as the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack from Gotenks, the Kamehameha from him and Gohan, Special Beam Cannon from Piccolo and so on. Although he may have not been pure evil like his original form, his power is still greater due to the fighters he absorbed. The only one that weakened him after being absorbed was the Grand Supreme Kai due to his good nature and magic. The Fat Buu was even weaker hanging around Mr. Satan who befriended him and vowed that he would never kill again. From that point on, he became known as the kind-hearted, always hungry Mr. Buu.

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