What If Goku Never Hit His Head?

Goku would keep training under his Grandpa Gohan, until the day where he would defeat him. But one day, he glimpses the full moon, turns into a great ape, and kills Gohan. Years later, when Bulma is hunting for the Dragon Balls, she comes across Goku. Goku kills her on the spot and swipes the radar and Dragon Ball. He notices the glow when he put her mysterious orb next to his grandpa's ball.

He then figures out how to use the radar and how to drive. Stealing Bulmas other capsules as well, he hunts for the other Dragon Balls. Goku finds all but one without much effort. He goes to Pilaf's castle and looks at the moon and transforms. He kills Pilaf and his gang and destroys his castle. Once the sun comes up, after Goku recuperates and thinks on his wish. Goku wishes for immortality, destroys Shenron and begins to lay waste to the world.

Roshi and his student Krillin go to confront Goku. Roshi uses the evil containment wave, sealing Goku away. Krillin keeps the jar with Goku's soul in it for a few years until King Piccolo arrives seeking out the Dragon Balls. Piccolo obtains all seven and wishes for eternal youth. He begins his evil reign when Krillin steps up along with Tien and Chaltzou who he befriended during the World Martial Arts Tournament. Teaching Tien the technique, Krillin uses the evil containment wave to seal King Piccolo away.

Krillin dies, and now it's up to Tien to look after the two jars making sure they aren't tampered with. Years later, Raditz arrives on earth looking for Kakarot. He uses his scouter to pick up the highest power level on the planet belonging to Tien. Raditz explains who he is, and who Kakarot is. Speaking of transforming into a great ape. Tien remembering Krillin telling him about it before was shocked. Tien held his tongue until Raditz beat an answer out of him.

Tien finally told him that were two jars, one of them containing Raditz's younger brother Kakarot, and the other the Demon King Piccolo. Raditz removed the seal to the jar containing Kakarot and destroyed the other jar. Raditz killed Tien in case he had another jar to seal him away as well. When Kakarot appeared, he was but a child still. Not aging a day since being sealed away. As Raditz was baffled, King Piccolo emerged from the destroyed jar. Raditz and Kakarot looked at each other in knowing, acknowledging each other's Saiyan tails.

Then Kakarot attacked King Piccolo with a flurry of Ki blasts. King Piccolo wasn't dead, but not unscathed. Raditz told his brother that if he could defeat the Namekian, and one hundred other people on the planet, then he had a mission on a planet that himself and two other Saiyan’s had struggled taking over. But with Kakarot's help, they should be able to do it. Kakarot nodded and fought King Piccolo tooth and nail. King Piccolo was stunned that his attacks seemed to have no effect on the Saiyan.

As a Saiyan, Kakarot grew stronger after every damage dealt. And as an immortal, he couldn't die. So even though he was the weaker of the two when the fight started, he soon gained the advantage in power and killed King Piccolo. A pleased Raditz went with him as he then observed his little brother kill one hundred humans and said "Ok, that'll do for now. Our priority is the planet Yardrat that Napa and Vegeta are having a hard time taking. Let's go." Raditz told Kakarot to find his space pod that he landed in as a child and to meet him on the planet Yardrat.

A few months pass, and Kakarot lands on the planet where Raditz, Napa and Vegeta are fighting to take over. Three of the Saiyan’s fall, but only the immortal Kakarot remains to take over the planet. He then reports back to Frieza. Frieza is overjoyed and agrees to grant Kakarot any one request that he desires. Kakarot thinks for a moment before saying that he wants to visit Frieza's home planet. Frieza is perplexed but grants his request.

The two land on Frieza's home planet and taking one long look around, Kakarot says "So this the home of the one who destroyed planet Vegeta. I think I'll destroy it. Soon followed by you Lord Frieza hahaha!" Kakarot laughs maniacally. Frieza is shocked when his home world is destroyed in an instant. Frieza survives, floating around in space, but so was Kakarot, unharmed. Frieza is frozen in fear as he says "just what are you? Could you be... A Super Saiyan?" Then Kakarot replies "Super Saiyan? I'm something far greater than that little fairy tale. I'm a Saiyan warrior, one that can never be die, and just keeps getting stronger. I'm Kakarot, the Immortal Saiyan God. Now, say your prayers."

Just then, Frieza blasts Kakarot with a Death Beam to the heart. Kakarot shrugged it off and then punched a hole through Frieza. With his hand inside his gut, Kakarot releases his Ki that shoots beams of light out of every opening in Frieza followed by an explosion. Right before being blown up, Frieza says his last words "Lord...Beerus was the one who gave the order to blow up..."

With his curiosity spiked. Kakarot traveled from planet to planet seeking information about the one named Beerus. He finally learns from the Galactic Patrol about the God of Destruction. They told him that there was no way to reach him as Beerus lived in a faraway land where only deities are allowed. Kakarot destroys all the Galactic Patrolman and takes one of their ships. He knows that if he causes even more destruction, than Beerus would someday come to him. The Supreme Kai wouldn't risk it however.

So Kakarot continued his path of destruction, one planet at a time. Bored, he flees to earth, where he decides to make his home. Finally, after years of waiting, Beerus shows up to earth after awaking from a bad dream. In this dream, he fought an immortal being resembling a Saiyan and was on the verge of defeat before waking up. Whis showed him all that had been going on for the past 39 years. The Seer saw a vision of the future that if Beerus fights the Immortal Saiyan, Beerus would die.

Beerus swallowing his pride went to the Omni King Zeno for help. Zeno agreed and went to earth to confront the immortal. Kakarot was excited when he saw who he thought was Beerus. He says "Well it's about time you showed your face Beerus. I was getting bored." With a wave of his hand, Zeno erased the Immortal Saiyan Kakarot from existence. But the damage he had caused had been done, and now it was up to the Supreme Kai to create new planets and peoples for the ones that were lost.

People on earth went about their daily lives. Unaware that the Immortal Saiyan Kakarot had an offspring. A half Saiyan child that would either carry out Kakarot’s wishes or become a good citizen of earth. The Supreme Kai would observe earth very carefully from now on.

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