What If Someone Wished Back Planet Vegeta?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

After the events of Dragon Ball Super Broly, and before the Galactic Patrol arc, Frieza goes to New Namek, kills all the Namekian's except for Elder Moori. He demands that he translate what he will say to the dragon and Moori reluctantly agrees. Frieza first wishes Planet Vegeta back. Secondly, he wishes every Saiyan killed in the planets explosion in order to expand the fledgling Frieza Force so that he can exact his revenge on Goku and Vegeta. His final wish is to have complete mind control over the Saiyan’s. In other words, no Saiyan revived would ever betray him. Frieza then killed Porunga and Moori.

He would hold a death match tournament between all the revived Saiyan’s to determine the strongest of the strong among them. He would have them train every day for 4 months before sending them to various planets to conquer. Frieza tells everyone to hold off on Earth for now. Saying that's it is the most dangerous of jobs and that it would take every one of them to not only seize it but destroy it. Bardock despite being under Frieza’s spell feels something when he thinks of Earth. A longing feeling that he cannot shake.

All the Saiyan’s obtain God Ki by doing the ritual and becoming Super Saiyan God's. They all get into space pods and head to Earth. Many turned into Great Apes and started rampaging the planet. The Z-fighters took notice, and all fought together against Frieza’s brainwashed Saiyan’s. The Great Apes were easy enough to take down after removing their tails and finishing them off quickly. The army of SSJ God's proved difficult to take down even for Goku and Vegeta. That was until Goku used instant transmission to Planet Vampa to ask his fellow Saiyan Broly if he was up for a good fight. Broly couldn’t say no to this, and his incredible power in his Legendary SSJ form evened the odds somewhat. As the battle unfolded, Frieza sat in his spaceship hovering above the Earth's atmosphere sipping his red wine as he contemplated blowing up the Earth. He then thought that if he did, then Goku would see the Death Ball coming and just use his instant transmission to get off the planet. So, he decided to head down to Earth to see what progress was being made. Goku and the others were holding their own against the onslaught, but only just barely. When Bardock comes across Goku who overused Mastered Ultra Instinct and was now back in his base form, Bardock’s mind flickers a memory of sending off someone in a space pod that resembles Goku. Goku looked at Bardock, not quite remembering who he is, yet noticing a strong resemblance between the two, he says "have we met before. I get the feeling we have." Bardock is then flooded with more memories of his son. Finally, he blurts out the name "Kakorot?" Goku says "yeah, that's my Saiyan name, but here on Earth, I go by Goku. Who are you?" Bardock sheds a tear when he says "I'm Bardock, your father." Goku is surprised at first, but then smiling says "I had a feeling that you were. I bet your strong too. Someone must've used the Dragon Balls to wish you and all the other Saiyan’s back huh?" Just then, Frieza descends down to Earth.

"That would be me monkey" he says. Frieza then orders Bardock to attack Goku, but Bardock resists and says, "sorry that won't be happening today Lord Frieza." A baffled Frieza replies "impossible. Your supposed to have no will of your own and do everything that I command. If only I didn't kill that Namekian dragon, then maybe I could've asked him of any side effects to the spell." Frieza then looks around and sees that all his Saiyan army stops attacking suddenly just stand idle. Confused about what has happened to them. Goku looks up to see a darkened sky that was clearing up suddenly.

"Hey, someone must have used the Dragon Balls just now" says Goku. "That would be my wife Kakorot" says Vegeta appearing from right behind Frieza. “The first wish Bulma made was to undo the spell from Frieza’s wish he made with New Nameks Dragon Balls. The second was Shenron explaining just what happened to all of the Saiyan’s who were brought back by Frieza’s second wish" says Vegeta. Frieza cringing as he looks around at all the Saiyan’s that are surrounding him. Including Goku and Vegeta, who stand back and let the Saiyan’s get some good punches in on Frieza. Frieza turns golden and takes some of them down. Bardock gets in some blows and does his Final Spirit Cannon which hurts Frieza and sends him flying. Frieza tries to escape the Saiyan warriors who are firing off rounds of Ki blasts at the tyrant. Until they stop suddenly, Frieza evaded most of them but not the one that was coming. Frieza looks down at the Saiyan’s who he once controlled who are now smiling. “Hey Frieza, behind you" says Goku. Frieza looks behind him to see a massive Ki ball forming and Vegeta standing proud wielding it. Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Broly, the other Z-fighters and all the Saiyan’s of Planet Vegeta stood transfixed at what came next. “Frieza. This is for all the Saiyan’s of Planet Vegeta, along with everyone else who you've made suffer. Big Bang Attack" shouts Vegeta. His Saiyan pride coursing through him. Everyone watched as the evil emperor of Universe 7 screamed in agony as the force of Vegeta's blast vaporized him for good. Afterwards, everyone was invited to Planet Vegeta to celebrate with a big feast in which Beerus and Whis attended. Beerus who gave the order originally to Frieza to destroy it, is wondering if he should just destroy it here and now. Looking around, seeing all the Saiyan’s and Earthlings getting along, Beerus says to Whis "I'll give them another 100 years to reform themselves, if not, then I will destroy them all."

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